The Allure of Ancient DNA

The-Allure of Ancient DNA podcast

DNA can rewrite history. Host Pete Ferrand interviews Dr. Eran Elhaik at the University of Sheffield in England on the exciting promise of ancient DNA testing. The world-renowned paleogeneticist discusses how the DNA of people who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago is recovered from ancient skeletons and archeological sites and how modern-day consumers can now explore their own genetic likeness and true descent with DNA Consultants’ new product line called Primeval DNA Tests. The seven peoples featured in the initial launch are Ancient Britons in Roman Britain, Ancient Israelites, Chumash Paleo-Indians, Egyptian Mummies, Ice Age Europeans, Stone Age Europeans and Medieval Vikings.


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  1. Just listened and want you to know how much I enjoyed this episode. The production is first class and it held my interest throughout. Great show!

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