Maybe My Great-Grandmother Really Was a Cherokee Princess


Cherokee DNA leaves everything up in the air. Hosted by Pete Ferrand, the premier episode of “The Time Traveler’s Suitcase” features three stories from a publication by DNA Consultants suggesting Cherokee Indians are genetically related to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and other Mediterranean peoples, including Jews. The first story of the podcast, “Maybe My Great-Grandmother Really Was a Cherokee Princess,” explodes the myth that American Indian ancestry was adopted by many Southerners out of racial guilt. The second, “Trail of Fears,” discusses who is and who is not Indian. The third is about the textbook case of Nancy Cooper v. The Choctaw Nation, which stretches back to the 1890s, and the billion-dollar Individual Indian Monies scandal, which closed the Bureau of Indian Affairs for eight years.


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  1. I found the first two episodes of The Time Traveler’s Suitcase to be extremely interesting and informative both from a historical, as well as a scientific perspective. I particularly appreciated the interview/discussion format of the second episode with Dr. Elhaik, as I found it a bit easier for a layperson to follow than the narrative approach of the pilot, and somewhat more engaging. I look forward to the upcoming third episode wherein Dr. Elhaik will elaborate on the Primeval DNA/Ancient DNA testing, and congratulations again on the fascinating and exciting new course DNA Consultants is charting in the field of DNA ancestry testing and population genetics. As a loyal customer, I will be cheering you on from the sidelines and following closely.

  2. I would like to have a DNA test, I was raised to believe that I am part creek on my mother’s side. She always wanted to be registered but was never able to do it.

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