The time traveler’s Suitcase podcast

Explore the interface between history, archeology and ancient DNA.

The Time Traveler’s Suitcase is a monthly podcast from DNA Consultants. The show is hosted by talk radio professional Pete Ferrand. Most of the episodes include an audiobook excerpt from the publications of Donald N. Yates, a DNA investigator and historian whose works include Old Souls in a New World, Merchant Adventurers of Rhoda and The Cherokee Origin Narrative. Each usually also has an interview with a leading scientist or historical expert.

Maybe My Great-Grandmother Really Was a Cherokee Princess

Cherokee DNA leaves everything up in the air. Hosted by Pete Ferrand, the premier episode of “The Time Traveler’s Suitcase” features three stories from a publication by DNA Consultants suggesting Cherokee Indians are genetically related to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and other Mediterranean peoples, including Jews.