Kangaroos among the Cherokee

Meet the Kangaroos of Native American DNA. Host Pete Ferrand reads from a chapter in Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong about the so-called “anomalous” Cherokees who don’t fit an ABC definition of American Indian



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  1. Christopher Swink

    My maternal haplogroup based on my 23andme results is H1q. I believe this to be highly accurate. My mother has tested only HVR1 and 2 at FTDNA. She is “predicted” as mtdna haplogroup H. She only has 76 matches on ftdna. The majority of those matches are H1q. Smaller amounts of only H. Those H1q matches all have ancestors from the Carolinas and Virginia region of the 1600-1700’s. I am currently awaiting my mothers results from DNA Consultants. Although I am almost certain what the results will be. I just need the confirmation from this non-biased company. DNA Consultants to me seems to be a company without pre conceived assumptions and or agendas. Based on my experience with this company and many conversations with Dr Panther Yates I truly feel this company places their customers interests before their own. Or rather like their motto says. Paraphrasing here, treats their customers dna as their own. May the Creator continue to Bless Dr and Theresa Yates and the Panther Lodge in all of their endeavors to recover the lost and Hidden past of all of our ancestors no matter what part of the world we come from. Best and Kindest regards, Christopher, Chris, Swink

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