News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club February 2021

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From the Editor / In This Issue

In our third issue of the Explorers Club Newsletter, the first in a new year, we pay tribute to a healthcare executive on the frontline of medicine.

Championing the Least of These

We are happy to bring some attention to one of the essential workers in our lives with this profile of Dr. Andy Martin.

Unifying Histories: What’s in a Name

Find out what the new vice president’s name has to do with Georgia Indians.

Learning Curve

Male Haplogroup Distribution vs. Mitochondrial Migrations

Male Haplogroup Distribution Tells Real Story of Human Migrations, Not Mitochondrial Lineages.

20 Years of Melungeon Research

It has been 20 years since the genetic survey of Melungeons by Jones.


Population of the Month: Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked country at the geographic junction of Europe and the Near East. It is bordered by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.

The Children of the Sun Gene

Many archaic peoples regarded the Sun as female and the first divinity. The Choctaw Indians, who exhibit a frequency of 36% of this gene, are one of them.

Dr Joan Bennett

In the News

Dr. Joan Bennett has strictly Scandinavian ancestry but her mitochondrial haplotype exactly matches Dr. Bruce Dean, a Cherokee man.

spirit song

Spirit Song

Explore the creation of an album that fuses the songs and stories of Native American tribes with modern western music. The movie Spirit Song follows the group of people who created the album “Voices of the Guardians” and celebrates Native American music in its many forms. Each community joins together and shows the vibrancy of Native American music, traditions, and communities. Watch the trailer.

cosmic gener

The Eighth Arrow audio

The Eighth Arrow

Listen to a sample of Donald Yates’s latest audiobook, The Eighth Arrow, read by Pete Ferrand (released on February 8 and available at In this free sample are the Appendix, More Stories from My Years with the Tihanama, including “The Story of Standing Bear,” “The Piasa” and “Tecumseh and the Story of the Bench”.


Letters to the Editor

Read about giants, anomalous Cherokees and Shawnees. Send letters to


Did You Know?

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