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Coronavirus Brings Changes in Way We Live

As the COVID-19 virus continues to rage in many cities across America, we are fortunate in our particular situation. Aside from being a home business we have good local government.


From the Editor

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Explorers Club! In it, you will find the latest about our genetic genealogy services as well as…

Spotlight on The Odin Gene

The Helen Gene was the first of our ancient genes to show a seaborne distribution pattern. Most geneticists have a blind spot about disjoint or discontinuous patterns of human migration.

Dorene Soiret Is Setting the Record Straight

Dorene Soiret Is Setting the Record Straight

Childhood’s a time when curiosity flourishes, exploration consumes the waking hours, and sharing discoveries with friends and family brings eager delights.

Update on Cherokee DNA Studies Phase III Publication

The monograph on the third and final phase of Cherokee DNA Studies and “anomalous” Cherokees with non-ABCD mitochondrial lineages by Donald and Teresa Yates continues to be delayed.


DNA Consultants Responds to Shelter-at-Home Culture with Free Monthly Book, Podcasts, Newsletter.

DNA Consultants has always gone its own way in DNA testing. Founded in 2003 in the first wave of interest in ancestry testing…

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In the News

Angela E. Watkins received a promotion July 1 to associate investigator and director of social media at DNA Consultants. The longtime Pensacola, Fla. resident…

Donald Yates: Cosmos Mariner

The Savannah, Ga. poet Conrad Aiken and his wife saw a freighter in the harbor on their morning walk. The name of the ship was “Cosmos Mariner.”


Letters to the Editor

Read about Central Band of Cherokee, Melungeons and Pocahontas. Send letters to for inclusion in the next issue.


Did You Know?

DNA Consultants began as a family business founded by Donald and Teresa Yates in 2003…