News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club December 2022



Participants Wanted for Eastern Canadian Metis DNA Project

An administrator has been appointed to coordinate volunteer DNA testing in an important new initiative, said Roland Belanger, a Montagnais Metis elder and retired teacher in Metis First Nation and Member of the Ontario Coalition of Indigenous People.



daughter of Deer Without a Heart

Chee-ex-e-co, daughter of Deer Without a Heart. Painting by George Catlin, 1838. Public domain

Forensic Reference Population Begun for Euchee (Uchi) Indians

Volunteers are sought for the Euchee Reference Population STR Profile DNA Project, whose purpose is to sample the genetic diversity of persons who may be of Euchee descent and to establish a historical benchmark for their cultural survival. The independent study has appointed an independent genetic genealogy expert as administrator who will screen candidates over the next few months. The initiative follows similar projects for Cherokee, Shawnee, Abenaki and Virginia tribes.





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