News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club December 2022


Participants Wanted for Eastern Canadian Metis DNA Project An administrator has been appointed to coordinate volunteer DNA testing in an important new initiative, said Roland Belanger, a Montagnais Metis elder and retired teacher in Metis First Nation and Member of the Ontario Coalition of Indigenous People.     Forensic Reference Population Begun for Euchee (Uchi)  … Read more

News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club October 2022


In an interview by Emily Frances, host of the Israeli news show “Holy Land Uncovered,” author and DNA investigator Donald Yates discusses his own family traditions, which combine Cherokee, Choctaw and Sephardic Jewish roots. Atala, Earliest Name for America  Matriarchy vs. Patriarchy – Part 4 Atala (Great Goddess) was the name given to the Americas  … Read more

News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club June 2022


Donald Yates Interviewed on Israeli TV Show on Cherokee and Jewish Connections On April 10, genetics testing company founder and author Donald Yates was interviewed on i24 NEWS in Tel Aviv about the overlap of Jewish and Cherokee ancestry. The company offers both a Native American and a Jewish DNA test that matches you with  … Read more

News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club October 2021

explorer club newsletter

From the Editor / In This Issue This issue marks the end of Cherokee DNA Studies with a book subtitled More Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong and the beginning of an exciting new Shawnee DNA project under Dorene Soiret. Fittingly, the profile in this newsletter is Carlyle Hinshaw, a leader in Shawnee genealogy  … Read more

News from DNA Consultants Explorers Club August 2020

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Explorers Club! In it, you will find the latest about our genetic genealogy services as well as the interests of our customers, researchers and scientists. From the secret origins of the Cherokees and Creeks to case studies on the Melungeons and the true story of the Lost Colony at Roanoke, we literally marry history and science to create an experience and a brand of content found nowhere else on the Web.

News from DNA Consultants 2019

primeval test

On March 1, DNA Consultants launched the first direct-to-the-consumer ancient DNA test series with an introductory offer starting at $99. Our Primeval DNA Test allows you to compare your personal genome with the DNA of real people in the past. You can upload raw data from past testing you have had with other companies and see your results in a few days.