What Everyone Always Wanted: Our New Megapopulations Report

After a lot of hard work, DNA Consultants has introduced “bottom line” ancestry results with the new Megapopulations Report. This gives customers the top ten broadest possible categories for their relative mix of ethnicities. Megapopulations are now included in all DNA Fingerprint products from our company. If you received your DNA Fingerprint Report before Megapopulations became part of our method, you may order a Megapopulations Report by itself to find out your “bottom line” ancestries.

The Megapopulations Report may not be ordered by itself unless you have your results from a DNA Fingerprint report on file with DNA Consultants or can submit to us your DNA profile lab results. This is not a stand-alone product.

pdfSample Megapopulations Report

New Megapopulations: The Bottom Line