Turn Your DNA into Art with DNArt

DNArtWe’ve always believed that DNA does not need to scare people away but can even be fun. Our newest product, DNArt™ turns your unique DNA profile into a colorful graphic representation that you can own and copyright. After all, it’syour DNA, isn’t it?

If you have already tested your DNA profile and received a DNA Fingerprint report, you can now order your own personal DNArt for $75.00. If you have not done an autosomal ancestry analysis, you may want to take the plunge with the Premium DNA Fingerprint Plus, a top-of-the-line version of our famous custom product that includes your personal DNArt for $375.00.

If you are only interested in getting your personal DNArt and do not have existing test results, you must order the DNArt (Test Included), which is priced at $175.00.

What DNArt Is
DNArt™ is a colorful graphical representation of your DNA profile created through a proprietary computer algorithm by Chromosomal Labs Bode Technology, a leading U.S. genomics lab located in Phoenix, Arizona. Because each person’s DNA is unique and peculiar only to him or her, not a single DNA artwork from any two people will look the same (unless they are identical twins). Your DNArt is delivered to you as a pdf and may be scanned, printed or digitally reproduced on a variety of applications from that file.

As a courtesy to our customers, we display a copyright notice in your name on the face of your artwork, for instance, ©John Doe. It’s not the same as copyrighting your DNA, but it can be registered as a work of art in your name with the U.S. Copyright Office. The directions are simple for online registration. Cost is about $30.

Enter Our DNArt Contest

Once you have your DNArt, you can create any number of customized photo products with it, including a fine art canvas for your living room wall, coffee mugs, key chains, mouse pads, photo puzzle and holiday or note cards. Enter your creation into DNA Consultants’ Tenth Anniversary DNA Sweepstakes Contest to win your own personal webpage, a grand prize value of $1,000.

There are many online resources for custom printing your DNArt. We recommend Walgreens Photo because of their wide selection, convenience and value.

Hurry, as it takes time to produce your DNA profile, then a week or so to put your DNArt onto your favorite media—stationery . . . coffee mugs . . . use your imagination! Contest closes October 31, 2013.

Our TestsDNArt

See Sample Premium DNA Fingerprint Plus with DNArt