Stand-Alone Personal Genome Product Introduced by DNA Consultants

Personal Genome Product

Just buy what you need, as the slogan goes.

Many genome services allow you to download your raw genomic data to use with other websites that will reveal what it says about you regarding ancestry, health, fitness and a wide range of personal traits. But nowhere — until now — could you just buy your personal genome, no strings attached. You can even just keep it to yourself.

A genome is a complete set of your DNA, including all your genes. A copy of the entire genome—more than 3 billion DNA base pairs—is contained in every cell of your body. Personal genome sequencing assesses the status of all of your genes in a single test, just as if the Human Genome Project were conducted specifically on you. Your raw data file containing up to 800,000 nucleotides can then be used to gauge your health and fitness or a growing range of personal characteristics, including even longevity and personality.

We don’t vouch for every use you may make of your personal genome, but we do guarantee the laboratory standards, reliability, validity and confidentiality of this product. The numbers are “you” in a raw genomic sense and will never change.

The same day you order you are shipped a sample collection kit with two cotton swabs. Free shipping by U.S. First Class Mail or pay for other shipping options. Follow directions, place swabs in cavity in kit, tear off upper portion for your records and ship back to the lab in the prepaid, free FedEx overnight pack. Your results will be placed in your account in a zipped txt. file in approximately one month and you will be notified by email. You can then log in, download them and upload them for other uses.

Your raw genomic results belong to you. They are not shared with anyone unless you share or upload them yourself. They can be used at a growing number of online genomics sites to find out more about your DNA data, from gluten sensitivity and longevity to links to research and managing your health.

Many prefer to buy their own personal genome from us because their testing with other companies was years ago or it is a hassle to collect it, or it is not confidential, or they have results that do not match each other, or for any number of other reasons. This is the only premium stand-alone personal genome product sold.

Premium Personal Genome Raw Results