Rare Genes from History Panel Now Available for $99

Add DNA Consultants’ exclusive new panel of Rare Genes from History to your DNA Fingerprint test to find out if you have any of the company’s next-generation autosomal ancestry markers.These rare but robust signals of deep history can act as unique touchstones for a person’s multifaceted genetic makeup and biogeographical ancestry.

Read about the science behind Rare Genes from History in our blog from September 30.

The newest enhancement to the DNA Fingerprint family of products from DNA Consultants was introduced in October of 2012 after a prelaunch to select customers. The price for a Rare Genes analysis is $289.00.

Rare Genes from History PanelPrelaunch customers receive a $89.00 rebate on the full price of the new product and may use their existing customer discount of 10% as usual. If you are one of those who “test drove” the initial panel, just order the full product (mentioning your discount code) and we will immediately send you your rebate of $89.00. Your price, in effect, is $171.00.

“Over the past two decades, geneticists have worked out the macro-history and chronology of human migrations in amazing detail and agreement,” said Donald Yates, chief research officer and founder. “The Rare Genes from History Panel is another reminder that ‘We Are All Related.'”

Get your Rare Genes analysis today! There is no need to be resampled; just include your customer number or the name you were tested under if you are ordering this upgrade for an existing report.

New customers are encouraged to add Rare Genes from History to their order of any DNA Fingerprint.

Click on the names of our Rare Genes for more information on their individual distribution and rarity!