New Products, Launch of Panther’s Lodge Publishing

safeDNA Consultants has introduced the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant genetic and genealogical records cloud storage service. Called Family DNA Lockbox, this password-protected “cyber-vault” allows you to conveniently upload and securely store your DNA records and other precious legacy documents for a lifetime. DNA Lockbox costs pennies a day and adheres to the stringent standards established by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

If you’ve ever lost family photographs or genealogy reports, Family DNA Lockbox is for you. One client uses it to store his DNA profile in case of emergency. He has given his lawyer and insurance company access and designated a family member the beneficiary to the account.

This spring has also seen the re-launch of Panther’s Lodge, principal investigator Donald Yates’ former academic information site for Native American genealogy. Panther’s Lodge now publishes and sells “Books That Matter”—titles like Yates’ own series Cherokee Chapbooks of Native American and other ethnic interest. An indie hyprid publisher and member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, Panther’s Lodge “caters to first-time Native American authors and followers of the contemporary American Indian scene who might otherwise find it hard to publish their work in traditional publishing,” says Teresa A. Panther-Yates, President and Editorial Director.

Panther’s Lodge typically publishes a title in a print version simultaneously with three e-versions―pdf (ideal for PCs, especially if it has complicated formating and many photos), epub (the standard for Tablets and other reader devices, which allows readers to adjust font size for a personal reading experience) and mobi (Kindle, reading on iPhones). Its á la carte publishing and editing services allow authors who may be overwhelmed by the bewildering landscape of self-publishing to publish their work on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks (iTunes), Google Play and other sellers worldwide in multiple formats.

“Self-publishing no longer carries a stigma, traditional publishing houses are in a free-fall, and e-publishing is exploding,” says Panther-Yates, who also acts as vice president of communications for DNA Consultants. “We are open to new authors and intend to provide a lot of hand-holding to bring their dreams to reality in this brave new world of freedom.” Panther’s Lodge Publishers’ author services range from developmental and copy editing to book and cover design and navigating the daunting array of electronic platforms in the hybrid publishing market.

Launch of Panther'sAs part of the festivities surrounding the re-opening of Panther’s Lodge, the company is offering a free copy of one of its little-known publications, the story of Chief Two White Feathers.

Use coupon code EX27B at Smashwords, where you can choose between pdf, epub or Kindle (mobi). This is an indispensable book to have in your library if you ever wondered what goes on in a medicine man’s head. Enjoy, and please sign their guestbook and subscribe to the newsletter. Good until June 10, 2013 at Smashwords.

Here is the link:  A Memoir of Chief Two White Feathers.