NEW EURO TESTDNA Consultants is pleased to announce its new EURO DNA Fingerprint Ancestry Test at the special price of $99.00. It is the industry’s first reliable analysis of your European DNA in terms of statistical living population matches. Other methods before ours have failed to break down European genetic heritage into national components.

“For a long time there simply weren’t enough data in the literature to support such a product,” says Principal Investigator Donald Yates. “European scientists have a different marker standard from the U.S. and that made comparisons difficult. Fortunately, after several years of work by our statistics team, we now have 71 European populations in our database―complete coverage of countries of Europe, including so-called foreign populations like Gypsies.”

Like the company’s other autosomal line of tests, Euro DNA Fingerprint Test matches your unique DNA profile with populations reported in academic studies. Your DNA ‘fingerprint” contains the key to all your ancestry once read by our computer program atDNA 5.0. Other methods of assessing your ancestry are limited by the approach known as “haplotyping.” A male or female can take our tests because the markers we look at are genome-wide and none is located on a sex chromosome. The standard used in this test is the same set of identifying genes adopted by forensic institutes and law enforcement in the European Union.

See European Network of Forensic Science Institutes, or ENFSI.

“Even though there are some tests out there that purport to give you percentages of world or European ancestry,” says Yates, “there have been and continue to be fundamental flaws in the methodology.” Most genetics studies, he notes, are still fixated on male or female lineages, those that can be determined by haplotyping. “If you go back ten generations,” he says, “you have a thousand lines, not just two—no Y chromosome or mitochondrial sex-linked test can tell you anything about your father’s mother or mother’s father.” Autosomal testing thus provides a more complete picture.

The new EURO test looks only at your European background. It does not analyze your world ancestry. However, many non-Europeans are curious about their European admixture and may take it. African Americans, for instance, have, on average, about 30% Caucasian (European) genetic makeup.

Making for an affordable entry for anyone into the burgeoning field of DNA ancestry, the new EURO analysis can be followed up with any number of tests without the necessity of being resampled. These include the full analysis DNA Fingerprint Plus Rare Genes from History and Neanderthal Index. You can even have your DNA copyrighted with the Premium DNA Fingerprint Plus or compared to others by our team of experts in a private Family DNA Study.

EURO DNA Fingerprint is available to customers and resellers at our usual discounts.