New Autosomal Tests for Ancestry Introduced by DNA Consultants

Ethnic Panel for Native American, Jewish, Other Hard-to-Find Ancestors Now Sold Retail

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PHOENIX – (July 2, 2010) –  Consumer genetics company DNA Consultants announced it has introduced refinements to the latest enhancement to its popular ancestry tool DNA Fingerprint Test™. The add-on to its all-in-one home cheek-swab product is called the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel.

Oh, and on your next shopping trip, check out its Neanderthal DNA test. The company recently began offering the first available Neanderthal Index along with artwork and other tests at the DNA Shop, an upscale retail specialty store located in a fashionable Las Vegas, Nev. mall.

“With the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel, you can verify Native American, Ashkenazi Jewish, African and other ethnic lines that may be hidden in your family tree,” said Donald Yates, the company’s principal scientist. “If you get a checkmark for Native American I or II from either parent, you have Native American ancestry…it’s that simple.”

“People have an incredible interest in finding out about their roots and where their ancestors came from,” said Patricia Schoonmaker, DNA Shop owner. “Thanks to genetics advances like the tests developed by DNA Consultants, answers now lie only a cheek swab away.” She said sales of all DNA tests have been brisk since the store opened last month.

Both the DNA Fingerprint and 18 Marker Ethnic Panel use the autosomal profile familiar from television police shows like CBS’s CSI. The 18 ethnic-specific markers were discovered by the company last August.

“But we’re not talking about ancient history,” said Yates. “These markers reflect genetic contributions to your overall ethnic mix within the last 200-500 years.”

The company’s Neanderthal Index estimates how much admixture you have on a scale of 1.1 to 5.0. It came in response to a May 7 bombshell article by the magazine Science showing that Europeans have between one and four percent Neanderthal genes.

“Neanderthals were not the crude cave men many people imagine,” adds Edison Barreto, a customer of the DNA Shop. “They were cool.”

Order online at, visit the DNA Shop if you live in Las Vegas, or call toll free 1-888-806-2588 (10-6 MT).

AutosomalNeanderthal man: DNA has updated the image of our prehistoric cousins.

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