Jewish Voice Revisits DNA with Jonathan Bernis and Donald Yates

Jewish Voice Ministries International will re-air host Jonathan Bernis’ DNA testing interview with our principal investigator author Donald N. Yates the week of January 31-February. You can view the show on Jewish Voice’s website under the television tab or find a local television listing to watch in the updated television guide below. Jewish Voice reaches a national as well as international audience, including broadcasts or cable programs in the UK, Canada and Russia.

DNA Consultants’ Jewish Ancestry Test is exclusively available through Jewish Voice. It can be ordered on Jewish Voice’s website or by calling any of the 800 numbers maintained by the ministry.

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis – Jewish Voice
Weekly Schedule
MarketDay800#TV StationAffiliateCurrent Contract End dateTime Period
El Paso, TXMON800-514-4588KSCE-TV 3811/1/2011Mon 2:00am (CST)
NationalMON800-509-9588TCC-Church Chan12/26/2010Mon 7:30am (PST)
NationalMON800-588-9722Angel One12/30/2011Mon 8:00am (EST)
NationalMON800-305-7140Daystar12/20/2010Mon 3pm (CST)
NationalMON800-509-9588TCC-Church Chan12/26/2010Mon 3:30pm (PST)
Orlando, FLMON800-514-4588WACX – TV 9Ind2/21/2011Mon 7:30pm (EST)
NationalMON800-306-0162WHT8/22/2011Mon 7:30p (EST)
NationalMONNRB Network11/1/2010Mon 11p (EST)
NationalTUES800-588-9722Angel One11/6/2011Tue 8:30am (EST)
NationalTUES800-305-7140Daystar12/14/2010Tue 10:00am (CST)
NationalTUES800-902-6346NRB Network7/27/2011Tues 6:30p (EST)
NationalTUESTBAGEB8/30/2011Tues 7p (CST)
El Paso, TXTUES800-514-4588KSCE-TV 38Ind11/2/2011Tue 7:30pm (CST)
Cleveland, OHTUES800-514-4588WGGN-TV 52Ind7/15/2012Tue 7:30pm (EST)
Tampa, FLTHUR800-514-4588WCLF-TV 222/22/2011Thurs 8:30p (EST)
Tampa, FLTUES800-514-4588WCLF-TV 22Ind2/22/2011Tue 11:30pm (EST)
NationalTUES800-419-9964GEB11/16/2010Tue 7:00am
NationalTUES800-419-9964GEB11/16/2010Tues 5:00pm
NationalTUES800-419-9964GEB11/16/2010Tues 7:00pm
NationalWED800-509-9588TCC-Church Chan12/22/2010Wed 4:30am (PST)
NationalWED800-588-9722Angel One11/6/2011Wed 8:30am (EST)
NationalWED800-305-7140Daystar12/15/2010Wed 12:30pm (CST)
Orlando, FLWED800-514-4588WACX – TV 9Ind2/23/2011Wed 3p (EST)
NationalWED800-902-6346NRB Network11/24/2011Wed 6:30p (EST)
NationalTHUR800-509-9588TCC-Church Chan12/23/2010Thu 8:30a (EST)
NationalTHUR800-588-9722Angel One11/6/2011Thu 8:30a (EST)
Phoenix, AZTHUR800-514-4588KPAZ-TV 21TBN12/23/2010Thu 9:30am (AZ local time)
NationalTHUR800-588-0249Cornerstone10/9/2011Thu 5:30 PM (EST)
NationalFRI800-306-0162WHT2/25/2011Fri 3:30a (EST)
NationalFRI800-902-6346NRB Network11/5/2010Fri 4:00a (EST)
NationalFRI800-588-9722Angel One1/5/2011Friday 8:00am (EST)
El Paso, TXFRI800-514-4588KSCE-TV 3811/5/2010Friday 8:30a
Orlando, FLFRI800-514-4588WACX – TV 9Ind2/25/2011Fri 11:00a (EST)
NationalFRI800-588-0249Cornerstone10/9/2011Fri 11:30a (EST)
Orlando, FLFRI800-514-4588WTGLInd6/22/2012Fri 12:30p (EST)
NationalFRI800-588-9722Angel One11/6/2011Fri 6:30p (EST)
NationalSAT800-902-6346NRB Network10/30/2010Sat 5:00 PM (EST)
NationalSAT800-588-0249Cornerstone10/9/2011Sat 7:30 PM (EST)
NationalSAT800-509-9588TCC-Church Chan1/15/2011Sat 9:00 PM (PST)
Orlando, FLSUN800-514-4588WACX – TV 9Ind2/27/2011Sun 12:30am (EST)
Orlando, FLSUN800-514-4588WTGLInd6/24/2012Sun 7:00am (EST)
NationalSUN800-588-9722Angel One11/6/2011Sun 10:00am (EST)
Philadelphia PASUN800-514-4588WFMZInd8/21/2011Sun 9:30 am (EST)
NationalSUN800-588-9588Cornerstone10/9/2011Sun 12:00pm (EST)
Orlando, FLSUN800-514-4588WTGLInd6/24/2012Sun 12:00pm (EST)
Orlando, FLSUN800-514-4588WACX – TV 9Ind2/27/2011Sun 4:00pm (EST)
El Paso, TXSUN800-514-4588KSCE-TV 38Ind11/7/2010Sun 5:00pm (CST)
NationalSUN800-306-0162WHT8/21/2011Sun 12:00p (EST)
Orlando, FLSUN800-514-4588WTGLInd6/24/2012Sun 7 pm (EST)
NationalSUN800-902-6346NRB Network11/7/2010Sun 7:00 PM (EST)
NationalSUN800-588-9722Angel One11/6/2011Sun 8:30pm (EST)
Cleveland, OHSUN800-514-4588WGGN-TV 52Ind7/15/2012Sun 9:30pm (EST)
NationalSUN800-419-9964GEB11/14/2010Sun 12:30p
International800-306-0161Miracle (CJIL)8/30/2011Mon 10:00p (MST)
Canada12/21/2010Tue 9:00pm (MST)
12/24/2010Fri 5a (MST)
12/26/2010Sun 2:30p (MST)
12/26/2010Sun 9:00pm (MST)
International800-2200-2401GOD TV  UKThurs 12p Local times
UKTuesday 12p Local Times
800-305-7527GOD TV  USThurs 12p EST
International00800-9000-0017Revelation TV4/19/2011Tues 8pm London Time
International00800-2200-2301KICC TV8/13/2011Sat 9am London Time
UKWed 12:30p London Time
Thurs 12:30p London Time
Fri 11p London Time
International Outreach – Not on Media Reports:
CNL Russia
Wednesday 10am
Sunday 11:55am
Life TV  RussiaTuesday 8pm
Wednesday 12pm
Wednesday 3am