Jewish Voice Project Update

In the fall of 2010, Dr. Donald Yates revealed that autosomal DNA can unlock people’s Jewish heritage in an interview with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries.  DNA Consultants partnered with Jewish Voice to offer JV’s supporters the opportunity to test their DNA for Jewish ancestry markers.  Since then we have been busily fulfilling orders on 600 Jewish DNA ancestry orders.

Now that we are approximately three quarters of the way through the fulfillment of the orders following two airings of the interview a few statistics can be shared.  According to Kim de Beus, Assistant to the Principal Investigator, of the more than 450 people who have been processed so far, 99.97% were found to have Jewish ancestry.  Some folks had all three markers while others had a combination of the three in some way.  She said that 74% of people had Jewish I, 30% had Jewish II and 82% Jewish III.

For more information about interpreting Jewish markers, read our notices in the new Jewish Forum on DNA Communities.