Jewish, Native American Certificates Now Available

If you found Jewish or Native American ancestry by testing with our DNA Fingerprint or DNA Fingerprint Plus or 18 Marker Ethnic Panel you can now order a dedicated certificate reflecting that ancestry. Many customers who tested with a general test before the introduction of our Jewish and Native American lines in the DNA Fingerprint family of products will want to consider getting one of these special certificates.

The general certificates issued as part of the fulfillment of DNA Fingerprint tests before listed European and World matches without breaking out Jewish or Native American ancestry.

These high quality color laser printed certificates are mailed to you and are suitable for framing. Getting a copy for family members is an excellent gift idea. We know someone with Jewish and Native American markers who also matched American Indian tribes and so displays all three!

JewishShows if you had one or more Jewish markers
NAT.thumb.productShows if you had one or more Native American markers
 NADNAFPPlusShows if you matched any of our Native American populations