It’s All about Customization and Delivery of Personalized Results

hispanic womanDNA Consultants is the only DNA testing company that offers customized, totally private and confidential testing. All others have automated results and usually retain sensitive customer information for upselling, sharing with others and potential future use in medical databases.

With other companies, you select, purchase and receive your product online. After that, you are on your own!

Personal genomics has become apparently a click-through experience.

Few of us it seems are worried about having our browsing and purchasing patterns together with our unique DNA, family genealogy and social correspondence in the hands of third-party big corporations.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Since 2003, our specialty—and success—has resided in customized products. If you are most interested in your Native American ancestry, order a Native American test. If proving Jewish or African markers is your biggest curiosity, get a Jewish or African version of our DNA Fingerprint Plus, which will give you all the rest of your ancestry to boot. We even have a Melungeon Match for those who want to see if they match this tiny Appalachian ethnic group.

Popular Upgrades

If you have taken the DNA Fingerprint test (or have your alleles from another company), you may order the following upgrades. Existing customers may apply a 10% discount.

So customize your DNA and always get 24-7 expert, friendly customer service with a live person answering all your questions.

As our vice president of communications Teresa Panther-Yates says, We Want to Be Your DNA testing company!

*If you ordered the DNA Fingerprint Plus several years ago when the population database was limited you should order a Premium Upgrade to receive full information, including megapopulations and EURO results.