Irish DNA Test Starting at $50

Irish DNA TestDo you have Irish ancestry? Now with our EURO Test you can underscore your pride in carrying Irish DNA and receive a handsome certificate with your Irish DNA test results. The Irish DNA Test is offered at a special introductory price of $99. That includes free delivery of a sample collection kit, postage paid return to the lab, testing and fulfillment of your report with certificate by email. A hard copy can be added to your order for $20.

This is the first and only autosomal test for Irish ancestry in the testing industry. It is based on our population database atDNA 7.0, specifically the new EURO section.

Other companies cannot distinguish between Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish, lumping them all together as “British.” Tell that to a son or daughter of the Isle!

If you have tested with us before, you can get an Irish update for only $50.

We report two Irish populations for your personal DNA profile, Ireland (n=304) and Northern Ireland (n=207) so you can see how high they rank in your matches. You get your other top 10 European country matches, too. After trying a $99 introductory test you can upgrade to the full DNA Fingerprint Plus with a Premium Upgrade. There is no need to be resampled.

pdfSample Irish DNA Fingerprint Report and Certificate.

Ireland and Northern Ireland have been included in results for the DNA Fingerprint Test since its inception. But new data published in June of this year yielded a better EURO analysis. You can get your Irish results by purchasing the full product or the introductory $99 special test.

For a review of European DNA testing, see the recent blog post “Do You Know Your European Origins?”

Here are other $99 introductory tests that will give you a taste of the DNA Fingerprint Plus experience and are sold only by DNA Consultants, their exclusive developer.

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All include a sample collection kit sent to you by Priority Mail and laboratory test, at a total cost of $99, and can be used to upgrade to the full product. All are also available to existing customers as updates for only $50.

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