DNA Fingerprint Plus ranks in top 3 ancestry DNA tests

DNA Fingerprint Plus


DNA Consultants’ best-selling DNA Fingerprint Plus 18 Marker Ethnic Panel ranked
in the Top 3 DNA ancestry tests by Buyer Ranking.

Buyer Ranking is a magazine that tests and then reviews different products and deals. Its objective is to help consumers get superior products and services at the best prices. “We test products, examine research studies, and consult with doctors and scientists in order to provide these services…” They have tested the DNA Fingerprint Plus and included it in their top ranking for DNA ancestry tests.

The comprehensive DNA Fingerprint Plus test

Our best-selling DNA Fingerprint Plus is on this list at the second place. Buyer Ranking has considered the following features to make the ranking: it is USA-based; it is secure; it uses advanced, unique software; and it receives consistently high customer reviews. Also, the judges say they like DNA Consultants because we offer the most detailed reports.

Anyone can take the DNA Fingerprint Plus. It’s perfect for women who cannot otherwise test their father’s ancestry without a brother or other male taking the sex-linked Y chromosome test. With this test, you can find out if you have any Native American, Jewish, European, African or other ancestry – all of it.

We analyze your unique genetic profile to living populations in forensic databases evaluating the relative strength and weakness of your matches. Along with your report, you receive a world ancestry map, certificate of testing and specific population matches.

About DNA Consultants

Our company was founded in 2003 by Donald N. Yates. Our principal objective is to supply customized reports about your ancestry. We also provide personalized service to answer any questions about your results. You can access upgrades and follow-up tests without retesting or re-sampling costs.

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