Get Right with Your Ancestry

AncestryMany of you have asked how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s pulling the plug on Google-founded 23&me’s personal genomics affects DNA Consultants. Is the FDA’s November 22 warning letter a comment on the scientific validity of DNA testing? Is direct-to-the-consumer DNA testing under scrutiny or review by the government?

To start with the last question, yes, the government is reviewing medical-related DNA tests sold directly to the public, both for their safety (whether they do harm) and efficacy (whether they work). The keyword is medical. DNA Consultants does not offer medical or health-related information with its tests, only ancestry analyses. 23&me chose to enter—and virtually redefine—this field five years ago, setting high goals both for its marketing department and consumer education. Consequently, its “personal genomics” service has been subjected to approval by the FDA, the federal agency that oversees all food, drugs and cosmetics sold to consumers.

To repeat, DNA Consultants does not engage in, and never has engaged in, providing medical or health-related information to the public. You will find no medical claims or medical language of any kind in either our marketing materials or the ancestry reports we deliver to customers.

It is equally important to note that neither the Food and Drug Administration nor any other federal agency has ever sought to control or regulate ancestry DNA. That said, here are reasons why we believe our ancestry method is not only the most scientifically accurate but the one with the most responsible marketing, a combination that has made us consistently the best-rated all-round direct-to-the-consumer DNA testing company:

  • The industry’s best EURO results
  • The only ancestry test that includes truly customized results with unlimited one-on-one help
  • A unique basic ethnic marker panel that lets you find out if your have Native American, Jewish or African ancestry
  • An introductory price-point of $99 with a range of options and upgrades available nowhere else

For all tests, the only database that captures all relevant population data from forensic studies published in academic journals. Not even the government has this ancestry tool . . . unless they got it from us (just kidding!). Another strength if you go with us for ancestry testing is that our laboratory has the highest quality and experience possible. Chromosomal Bode maintains ISO17025 certification for forensic testing, something no other ancestry DNA company can claim! Don’t trust your DNA and all-important ancestry questions to a cut-rate company!

It Came from Outer Mongolia

Recall that we dropped the price $40 on our newest upgrade, the Rare Genes from History Panel (reg. price now $149.00). Find out if you have any of the Native American markers known as the Lake Baikal Gene, First People’s Gene, Cochise Gene or Amerind Gene, also Asian, African or European genes (Helen,Circassian, Europa and Scythian). There’s a lot of interest attaching to the Siberian series since a fossil find proved Native Americans and their Siberian/Mongolian forebears actually originated in Europe rather than East Asia.

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Check our our growing list of books in print and available in electronic and audible formats at For an easy way to absorb the latest research on Indians and Mediterranean/Jewish people, listen to the narration by Jack Chekijian for Donald Yates’ Old World Roots of the Cherokee. It is available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Below is a brief sample from the Epilog or last chapter.

Excerpt from audiobook

“In my opinion, the genetic story of the Americas has been botched. Not only are samples flawed but geneticists’ times to coalescence are forced into the Procrustean bed of outdated theory.” —Donald Yates