From the Editor: The second of the Explorers Club newsletter

Donald Yates

Donald Yates, Principal Investigator.

In this, the second of the Explorers Club newsletter, readers will find another assortment of research pieces, learning modules and people news. Heading up the variety is an ancient Mexican prayer that we included in our book The Merchant Adventurer Kings of Rhoda and reprised recently on our Facebook page. Titled “Prayer during Time of Pestilence,” it seemed appropriate for the coronavirus pandemic the world continues to endure.

News items include an updated map of the earliest human migrations; a retraction about a famous painting of Georgia Indians in 1734 London (“Mea Culpa”); and a book review of the first handbook of Native American place-names and tribes in Georgia (“Native American Encyclopedia of Georgia”).

There is a healthy mailbag of letters to the editor and good crop of people news, including a tribute to Brent Kennedy, a beloved figure to many (“N. Brent Kennedy III: Standard Bearer of Appalachian Diversity”).

The Learning Curve feature in this issue is “More Dirty Little Secrets of DNA Testing.” It covers, among other things, the “fuzzy matches” most companies give customers in order to increase connectivity and engagement.

In each issue, we shine the light on one product and one population unique to our company. This issue’s special selections are the Crazy Horse Gene and the Oceanic population Tonga.

We hope you will enjoy this free news service for our friends and customers. Stay well and let us hear from you!