From the Editor: The fourth edition of the Explorers Club newsletter

Donald Yates

Donald Yates, Principal Investigator.

This issue marks the end of Cherokee DNA Studies with a book subtitled More Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong and the beginning of an exciting new Shawnee DNA project under Dorene Soiret. Fittingly, the profile in this newsletter is Carlyle Hinshaw, a leader in Shawnee genealogy and one of the few people who hold “dual Indian citizenship,” being a member of the Cherokee Nation and Shawnee Tribe.

Another sign of changing times is a Supreme Court case, McGirt v. Oklahoma, that has underscored certain rights of Native Americans and made it possible for us to offer, for the first time, a Legal Premium version of American Indian ancestry tests.

Our Learning Curve piece is about private alleles, STR values that are relatively common in one population, such as Indians of North America, and rare or non-existent in all other populations. Private alleles are hoped to be the basis for a new autosomal product expected out in the fall of this year.

Our “population of the month” is Florida Native Americans, and the rare genes showcase features the Ancient One Gene, named for the the 12,000-year-old skeleton of a baby boy found in 1968 on a Montana ranch. Read about it and have a look at its distribution, a good example of a gene private to Native Americans.

We have our usual mix of letters, people news and feature stories, so enjoy, and let us know what you liked best.