First-Class Upgrades to Europe

EuropeIn 1961, when Swiss author Max Frisch wanted to poke his fellow Europeans he penned the play “Andorra.” Originally titled “The Andorran Jew,” it was the “Our Town” of Post-War Europe. Few readers at the time could fail to recognize themselves in the distancing effects and other adept fictional techniques portraying the very average Andorrans.

The real country of Andorra is so small it does not have an airport or train station. But that is not the reason why Andorra fails to appear in DNA Consultants’ roster of possible countries where you may trace your ancestry.

Our Euro method does not list Andorra among possible matches because we do not have data on it. We have other small countries like Iceland, Ireland, Malta and Macedonia, but we do not have Andorra in our database.

Another reason is we do not include fictional or artificial populations. Have you received a match from another DNA testing company to “Finno-Ugric”? Not to put too fine a point on it, that is a made-up population. Or were you possibly told you were 96% European? That, again, is an artificial construct, a coinage of hard science and clever marketing.

Did you learn you were “White”? You deserve a refund.

Or “part” American Indian? We ask you to remember the words of Noble Red Man (Lakota elder Mathew King), who said, “Our people don’t come in parts.”

Bottom line: our $99 EURO Special is the only DNA test you will ever want to go with. It is the only one that takes you to real countries in your ancestry.