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DNA SweepstakesThis month marks the beginning of our tenth year in business. In celebration of that milestone, we’ve got new products and a year-long DNA sweepstakes with a grand prize valued at $1000 and second prize worth $400 (a Premium Female DNA Ancestry Test).

Check out these new offerings:

, your own unique genetic code turned into colorful computer art for as low as $75.
Our  Premium DNA Fingerprint Plus now comes with personalized DNArt copyrighted in your own name.
DNAosaurus.com, our website with the DNA sweepstakes contest rules, and with examples of what you can do with your own DNArt.
Family DNA Duo Package: ideal for parent and child or two siblings, includes free paternity or sibling test.
Family DNA Trio Package: get ancestry results for three related family members and a laboratory certificate confirming their relationship.
Rare Genes from History Panel:  find out if you have any of the 26 newly discovered genes of the Pharaohs, First Peoples, Helen, Yellow Emperor, Sinti, Europa and others.

Get your DNArt today.

DNA SweepstakesGet your DNArt copyrighted and entered in the contest. You can’t win unless you enter. And hurry, because the contest deadline is October 31, 2013.

DNArt is a colorful graphic rendering of your unique, personal DNA based on an algorithm. This exciting new product just became available in November 2012, so if you missed out on it with your DNA Fingerprint, order it here as an upgrade. There is no need to resample.

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