DNA Consultants Ramps Up Genealogy Services

DNA Consultants’ team of expert genealogists includes (from left) Dr. Donald Yates, Jacqueli Finley and Dr. Douglas Schar.



DNA Consultants has expanded its genealogy services with the addition of Jacqueli Finley, an L.A.-area based professional genealogist. This brings to three the number of genealogy experts available to customers, each with their own area of expertise.

Finley joined the DNA Consultants team as Forensic Genealogist and Assistant Investigator in May. With over 40 years of experience, she is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and adheres to the APG code of ethics. Finley’s strength lies in uncovering often-hidden family histories and helping people claim, own and understand their variegated ancestries.

Dr. Schar is an independent historical consultant who contributes blog posts on crypto-Jewish genealogy and is responsible for the supersite Hidden Jewish Ancestry. His current project has been to organize the so-called Alien Rolls of London (ca. 1520-1820). These records mark the first appearance in England (and thence to America) of Sephardic Jewish families from Spain and Portugal which we think of today as “good old English stock.”

Dr. Yates, who is founder and principal investigator of the company, is Cherokee-Choctaw-Creek (among other Indian tribes) and English, Scottish and Irish (among other European nationalities). He matches Israeli and Sephardic Jews on a forensic basis. In his own Basic American Indian report he matches enrolled Cherokees from North Carolina in the number 3 spot. His first book, published when he was a communications professor at a Chicago Native college, The Bear Went over the Mountain, is about his ancestors on the southeastern frontier beginning in colonial Virginia. Yates has proved that both his Cherokee ancestor Black Fox and many English and Scottish settler families in the seventeenth and eighteenth century were crypto-Jewish.

The company has organized its genealogy products into silver, gold, platinum and custom levels, with Ms. Finley now as the lead genealogist. At the custom level, customers  can engage the services of any of the three genealogists on an ongoing basis (starting at $1500).

DNA Consultants’ genealogy reports have been used as supporting documents to join heritage associations such as the Huguenot Society, to prove a lineal bloodline for organizations like Daughters of the American Revolution, apply for membership in state and federally-recognized Indian tribes and satisfy other highly demanding official uses. Even if they are just for your personal knowledge, they are state of the art.

“Forensic DNA or genetic results form the foundation for each and every genealogy project at our company,” says Dr. Yates. “We are particularly proud of our Jewish, colonial American and Native American specialists.”

Throw light on one of your lines or illumine your whole ancestry with a follow-up genealogy project. Get started today!

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