DNA Consultants Introduces Genealogy Services

Angela Watkins

Angela Watkins.

DNA Consultants, a leader in Native American DNA tests with its Basic American DNA Test and Cherokee DNA Test, has introduced professional genealogy services that can be custom-added to test results. The three levels are DNA Silver ($295.00), DNA Gold ($595.00) and DNA Platinum ($995.00).

“Though you are already entitled, basically, to unlimited personalized follow up, this insures you receive top-drawer service targeting a genealogy goal,” said Angela E. Watkins, assistant investigator and social media director. “It’s like making your personal family history the subject of a college research paper.”

The silver level provides three hours of an investigator’s time and is ideal for answering relatively uncomplicated questions. A typical approach finds parents’ names on the 1940 Federal census and works back, generation by generation. The 1850 census is highly prized for its details on household members, children’s names and neighbors. A confidential tailormade report is delivered in three weeks.

What are the maiden names of females in my pedigree? What are the Melungeon surnames in my genealogy? What are some probable Jewish lines in my family tree? Where or how far back is my American Indian ancestry? What tribe or nation is strongest? All these questions are answerable through extensive private and public genealogy databases the company has access to.

Donald N. Yates, Ph.D., principal investigator and company founder, directs its genealogy services and often writes reports. “There is a lot of false information on the Internet,” he said. “We take care to dot our i’s and cross our t’s… everything is rigorously documented.”

Yates’s first book was the genealogical memoir, The Bear Went over the Mountain, the story of one Southerner’s discovery of his Native American ancestry in the 1990s. Yates also is the author of Old World Roots of the Cherokee, a bold new exploration of American Indian DNA and tribal histories. With Elizabeth C. Hirschman, Yates co-authored a genetic genealogy trilogy that began with When Scotland Was Jewish, continued with Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America and concluded with The Early Jews and Muslims in England and Wales.

The service receives high praise for its expertise in the area of American Indian genealogy. Says Sally Littleton, Ph.D. of Traverse City, Michigan: “My DNA Gold report was extremely helpful to my understanding of Native American ancestry in my family tree. Before, I thought that my strong family tradition of Cherokee heritage through my paternal grandfather (1/16th by blood) was the only link. Now I know it is pervasive, other tribes are involved  and there are multiple discrepancies between online information and the truth as shown in historical records.”

Yates, a former professor whose mixed heritage is Scottish-English-Irish-Welsh-French-Cherokee-Choctaw-Creek-Jewish, says that he began to do DNA testing “just to figure out my own crazy Southern ancestry, which includes something called Melungeon, an Appalachian ethnicity most people have never heard of.” He founded DNA Consultants in 2003 vowing to “treat every customer’s DNA and backstory with the same care as my own.”

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