DNA Consultants Adds New Line of Autosomal DNA Tests for Ancestry

Ethnic Panel for Native American, Jewish, Other Hard-to-Find Lines in Your Family Tree Now Available on Retail Level 

Find Out How Neanderthal You Are
PHOENIX – (June 8, 2010) – Consumer genetics company DNA Consultants announced it has introduced the latest enhancement to its popular DNA Fingerprint Test™ ancestry tool. The add-on to its all-in-one home cheek-swab product is called the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel and retails for $50.00.

Oh, and on your next shopping trip, stop in and check out its Neanderthal DNA test. The company recently began offering the first available Neanderthal Index at the DNA Shop located in a fashionable Las Vegas, Nev. mall.
“With the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel, you can verify Native American, Ashkenazi Jewish, African and other ethnic lines that may be hidden in your family tree,” said Donald Yates, the company’s principal scientist. “If you get a check mark for Native American marker I or II from either parent, you have Native American ancestry…it’s that simple.”

Like the DNA Fingerprint Test, the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel uses the same marker profile familiar from television police shows like CSI. The markers were discovered by the company last August after validation showing they reflected population splits in early human migrations.

“But we’re not talking about ancient history,” said Yates. “These markers mirror genetic contributions to your overall ethnic mix within about the last ten generations.” Native American and the other types of DNA, he added, are “so distinctive their genetic signature lasts and never completely goes away.”

“The test doesn’t tell you what percentage of that ancestry you have,” Yates said. “It only tells you if you have it, even if it’s a minor line.”

The company’s Neanderthal Index estimates how much Neanderthal admixture you have on a scale of 1.1 to 5.0. It came in response to a scientific bombshell published on May 7 by the magazine Science showing that most humans are part Neanderthal. Europeans have between 1 and 4 percent Neanderthal genes due to interbreeding before Neanderthals became extinct more than 30,000 years ago.

To obtain the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel you must first have results from a DNA Fingerprint Test. The core lab test is a comprehensive analysis of all your ancestral lines and gives you matches to populations and countries around the world where you have accumulations of ancestry. Combined with the new 18 Marker Ethnic Panel, the test is called DNA Fingerprint Plus and sells for $300.00.

The Neanderthal Index is based on an analysis of your affinities with non-African archaic populations like Berbers, Arabs and Saami.

Order online at dnaconsultants.com, visit the DNA Shop if you live in Las Vegas, or call toll free 1-888-806-2588 (10-6 MT).