Cherokee DNA Studies Available November 30

What began ten years ago with a steady stream of customers complaining that their mitochondrial DNA results must be wrong has now become a major game-changing study of an American Indian tribe’s genetic genealogy. Cherokee DNA Studies: Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong, by Donald N. Yates and Teresa A. Yates (Panther’s Lodge Publishers) is scheduled to appear November 30 and is available for prepublication orders from DNA Consultants for $19.95.

“The Yateses’ DNA findings are revolutionary,” said Stephen C. Jett, a geographer who taught at the University of California, Davis for thirty-five years and served three times as Geography chair. “The ages, diversity and uniqueness of certain lineages among the Cherokee strongly suggest significant pre-1492 genetic inputs from the Old World.” Jett, a renowned expert in New World textiles and world authority on Navajo history, sacred places and placenames, will publish Atlantic Ocean Crossings next year. The first in a trilogy, this 450-page masterwork will stress watercraft and navigation, motives for crossings and biological evidence for exchanges.

Cherokee DNA Studies focuses on the 137 participants in DNA Consultants’ Cherokee DNA Studies, a research project that ran from 2003 to 2014. Their stories, data, genealogies and ancestors’ pictures fill the 262-page volume, which has a bibliography and index. The book is the first in a projected DNA Consultants Series on Consumer Genetics, to be followed next year by DNA and You, a book of blog posts, by Teresa A. Yates.

Donald N. Yates is principal investigator and founder of DNA Consultants and of Cherokee background. Teresa A. Yates, co-author, is vice president of communications and also has Cherokee ancestry. She was a participant in Phase I of the study, proving to have an unusual form of haplogroup U5b, traced back to Lower Cherokee country in Georgia. Like many of the other participants she was assured by geneticists and genealogists that her mitochondrial DNA could not be Cherokee or American Indian.

“The Lakota songwriter John Trudell has a very appropriate expression for what we’ve all been through,” said Yates. “He has a line that says, ‘We didn’t answer to our description.'”

Phase III was opened to enrollment as the results were released for Phase II (More Anomalous Mitochondrial DNA Lineages in the Cherokee Part Four). For more information, check out our Cherokee DNA Studies.

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