Carpenter Is New Research Intern

Kari Carpenter has been appointed to the position of Research Intern at DNA Consultants. Carpenter holds a master of science degree in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling with honors from California State University of Sacramento. She also has a bachelor of science in ornamental horticulture from California Polytechnic State University. She lives and works in the Heart of the Mother Lode in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, where she is a library assistant at the Amador County Library. Kari has long been active in family history and is an early adopter of genetic testing. She has membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, with fifteen Revolutionary patriots documented in her family genealogy, and is certified as a DAR Volunteer Genealogist. When not pursuing genealogy information, Kari can be found birding, hiking, camping or sewing.

Kari, who contributed recently to the book Ancestors and Enemies: Essays on Melungeons (Panther’s Lodge, 2013), says of this strain in her family genealogy, which is of particular interest to her, “You might be Melungeon if your Native American neighbor sits you down on the front porch and gently explains to you that you are a mixed race person.” She believes her Southern roots carry a good deal of Melungeon ancestry. “You also might be Melungeon,” she says, “if your pediatrician gives both you and your husband funny looks after you tell him your children are Caucasian, and an evangelical preacher points to you in the congregation and addresses you as a ‘Mother of Israel.'”

Joining DNA Consultants on a part-time basis on June 1, 2014, Kari will familiarize herself with all routine company science at first, conduct market surveillance on the DNA testing field and assist in researching and developing new projects and business initiatives, including first-generation epigenetic tests and cultural center/genealogy library outreach programs.



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