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donald yatesDonald N. Yates, an American genealogist, author, and principal investigator at DNA Consultants. His latest book is Old World Roots of the Cherokee.
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N. Brent Kennedy, a native Melungeon, founder of the Melungeon Research Committee and author with his wife Robyn of The Melungeons:  The Resurrection of a Proud People.

elizabeth at melungeon conferenceElizabeth Caldwell Hirschman, Professor of Marketing at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Professor Hirschman is author of more than a dozen books, including When Scotland Was Jewish and Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America:  A Genealogical History (both co-authored with Donald N. Yates). Hirschman’s research indicates the earliest American settlers were of Mediterranean extraction, and of a Jewish or Muslim religious persuasion. Sometimes called “Melungeons,” these early settlers were among the earliest nonnative “Americans” to live in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia, perhaps including Daniel Boone, John Sevier, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and Andrew Jackson. She is currently at work on a history of English crypto-Jews from the beginnings to the Enlightenment. She lives in New Jersey and spends part of the year teaching in Virginia.  PhotoElizabeth Hirschman at Melungeon Gathering in North Carolina, 2011, by Marvin T. Jones.


lisa altherLisa Alther, prolific Kingsport, Tennessee writer. She has published five novels, one novella, and one memoir, as well as many short stories and articles. Alther taught Southern fiction at St. Michael’s College in Vermont and at East Tennessee State University, in addition to having lectured and done readings throughout the United States, Western Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Alther’s newest is a sweeping Melungeon saga about her own ancestors, Washed in the Blood. Photo Ina Danko.

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Los Lunas Mystery Stone and Other Sacred

Sites of New Mexico 


red man's origin book

Red Man’s Origin



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