Big Back to School Sale

Go back to school with your DNA and learn more about your ancestry. For a limited time, customers can get an unheard-of 15% off any autosomal test. Just put in the special code from our newsletter in your checkout procedure online or mention it in your phone order to score huge savings.

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Hurry and update your DNA education with the full version of a new test now. Offers end September 15 and may be passed on to friends and family. Customer discount does not apply to sex-linked tests like the Premium Male and Premium Female, only to the DNA Fingerprint family of products. This consists of the following:

SchoolDNA Fingerprint Plus   Premium version of our autosomal test analyzes your entire ancestry with matches to populations around the world, plus running an 18 Marker Ethnic Panel

•  Price: $300.00
•  With discount $255.00

dnafp-newDNA Fingerprint Test   Our best-seller, this exclusive autosomal analysis tests your entire genome, regardless of gender, and analyzes your population matches and principal ancestries.   /p>

•  Price: $250.00
•  With discount $212.50

native american productNative American DNA Fingerprint Plus   Order the complete product and find all your ancestry with a single test

•  Price: $325.00
•  With discount $276.25

jewish plus flagJewish DNA Fingerprint Plus   Go for the whole product and find all your ancestry matches and markers

•  Price: $325.00
•  With discount $276.25

If you got started with an introductory Jewish or Native American DNA Ancestry test ($150.00), you may also apply the discount to a Jewish or Native American Upgrade (reg. $180.00, with discount $153.00).