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Jewish Test Is Here

After conclusive studies on Jewish genetics appeared last summer, DNA Consultants developed a simplified product that focused on the three Jewish markers in its 18 Marker Ethnic Panel to help Jewish religious ministries (more)

DNA Marketspace Assessed by Hirschman for Marketing Literature

Elizabeth C. Hirschman, a professor in the business school of Rutgers University noted for several classic studies in the annals of consumer behavior, will present a paper co-authored with DNA Consultants principal investigator Donald N. Yates at the June American Marketing Association conference in Washington (more)

Colonial Jews and Muslims Book Available for Pre-Order

Elizabeth Hirschman and Donald Yates' new book, now titled Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America, has been scheduled for publication by McFarland for spring/summer of this year and is available for pre-ordering (more)

Human Genome 10th Anniversary

In February 2001, Science and Nature published two papers that provided the first detailed look at the nearly complete sequence of the human genome (more)