New Melungeon Collection Published

Just in time for Halloween, a new collection of Melungeon material has been published by Panther's Lodge. The new book is titled Ancestors and Enemies: Essays on Melungeons and is written by Phyllis E. Starnes and Donald N. Yates (more)


DNA Consultants is pleased to announce its new EURO DNA Fingerprint Ancestry Test at the special price of $99.00 (more)

Turn Your DNA into Art with DNArt

We've always believed that DNA does not need to scare people away but can even be fun. Our newest product, DNArt™ turns your unique DNA profile into a colorful graphic representation that you can own and copyright (more)

Rare Genes from History Panel Now Available for $99

Add DNA Consultants' exclusive new panel of Rare Genes from History to your DNA Fingerprint test to find out if you have any of the company's next-generation autosomal ancestry markers.These rare but robust signals of deep history can act as unique touchstones for a person's multifaceted genetic makeup and biogeographical ancestry (more)