More Cherokees Say Geneticists Are Wrong

Much of what has been passed down is completely verifiable. For instance, all Cherokees once learned to recite the national origin narrative. Its first words are “When we lived beyond the Great Waters,” a reference to the tribe’s migration across the ocean. The legend goes on to relate a story similar to the Tower of Babel. It ends, like the Algonquian Indians’ Walum Olam, with the arrival of white men in ships.
This second and concluding volume summarizes a project that began fifteen years ago. It represents No. 4 in DNA Consultants’ Series on Consumer Genetics and covers 62 “anomalous” DNA test takers who constituted Phase III, the final stage of a multiyear project.

Legal Premium Introduced

For an additional fee of $190, the Legal Premium route may be taken with certain American Indian tests. While it does offer a chain of custody, including certified special collection of your DNA by a third party instead of self-collection, no result or usefulness is guaranteed. The Legal Premium cannot be added to an existing test. (more)

McGirt v. Oklahoma Unsettles Indian Affairs

McGirt has shaken federal Indian policy to its foundations in affirming that Indian reservations were never disestablished, opening the door to wide-reaching consequences. The Supreme Court of the United States rules the government ought to keep the promises it makes in Indian treaties. (more)

In the News February 2021

Joan W. Bennett, 78, Somerset, N.J., is distinguished professor in the Department of Plant Biology and Pathology and associate vice president for the promotion of women in science, engineering and mathematics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J. (more)

From the Editor: The third of the Explorers Club newsletter

In our third issue of the Explorers Club Newsletter, the first in a new year, we pay tribute to a healthcare executive on the frontline of medicine. Dr. Andrew Ayers Martin (“Championing the Least of These”) has been known to many of us for years for his study of Cherokee history and North Georgia genealogy. (more)

Championing the Least of These

Whether it’s health care, the marginalized in history, or the environment, north Georgia native Dr. Andy Martin is dedicated to healing the world. (more)

Coming Soon: Audiobook of The Eighth Arrow

In 1996, Donald Panther-Yates closed the door of his office on Music Row and drove to the home of Chief Two White Feathers and his wife, Talking Eyes, in the Cumberland Mountains. (more)

In the News October 2020

Gary A. David published The Orion Dimension: Hopi Cosmology, Earth Enigmas & Celestial Secrets ($21.95, 391pp.). Praised by Graham Hancock, who called his work on the archeoastronomy of the Southwest “of the first importance,”... (more)