Native American – Choles – Chiapas, México

Native American – Choles – Chiapas, Mexico

Native American ǀ American Indian

Chole man

Photo: A Chole man.

The Chole or Ch’ols are of Maya stock and comprise one of the most important Indian tribes in Chiapas, a state that has about 13.5% of all of Mexico’s indigenous population. The Ch’ols of Chiapas migrated to the northwest of the state starting about 2,000 years ago, when they were concentrated in Guatemala and Honduras.  Over half of Ch’ol language speakers are monolingual. The fundamental economic activity of the Ch’ols is agriculture. They have Catholic beliefs strongly influenced by native ones.

Native American – Choles – Chiapas, Mexico represents 109 unrelated Choles from Chiapas State who were sampled in 2004 by universities in Spain.

Source publication: Genetic Diversity of 15 STRs in Choles From Northeast of Chiapas (Mexico).

[Population 282]