Mexican – Hidalgo Meztitlan

Mexican – Hidalgo Meztitlan

Mexican ǀ Iberian American

Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgo since September 2016

Photo: Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgo since September 2016

Meztitlán is a town in the state of Hidalgo in Eastern Mexico. The state is located within the pre-Hispanic region of Mesoamerica and has a number of relatively intact native cultures such as the Otomi. There are also two notable immigrant cultures, those of the descendants of Cornish miners in the 19th century and a small Jewish enclave which claims to be descended from Sephardic Jews who came to New Spain in the 16th century. Despite Spanish control and evangelization efforts since the 16th century, by the 18th century, many of the Otomi and other indigenous groups of the area had not been fully subjugated, especially in the Sierra Gorda and Sierra Baja areas. These groups and others manage a significant amount of success in maintaining cultural, political and economic autonomy through the colonial period. Much of the state still maintains a number of strong indigenous identities.

329 Mexican – Hidalgo – Meztitlan represents 180 unrelated individuals born in the City of Mextitlan who were sampled in 2005 by universities in Spain and Mexico.

Source publication: Allele frequencies of the 15 AmpFlStr Identifiler loci in the population of Metztitlan (Estado de Hidalgo), Mexico, FSI, 2007 p230-232.

[Population 328]