Iraqi – Kurdish

Iraqi – Kurdish

Iranic ǀ Middle Eastern

Alia Shawkat

Photo: American/Kurdish actress Alia Shawkat.

The Kurdish people or Kurds are a Middle Eastern people inhabiting parts of Iraq and other countries, without having their own politically independent homeland. Early Kurdish nationalism had its roots in the days of the Ottoman Empire, within which Kurds were a significant ethnic group. With the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurdish-majority territories were divided between the newly formed states of Iraq, Syria and Turkey, making Kurds a significant ethnic minority in each state. Iraqi-Kurdish population data are based on 98 samples taken from Kurds in 2004.

Source publication: Kurdish (Iraq) and Somalian population data for 15 autosomal and 9 Y-chromosomal STR loci, Progress in Forensic Genetics 10, 2004, p185-187.

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