India – Khandayat

India – Khandayat

Eastern Indian ǀ South Asian

Elina Salantray - DNA Consultants

Image– Elina Salantray, Actress from Cuttack, India in Orissa

The Khandayat are one of the largest castes in India. They make up one of four predominant communities in the state of Orissa, located in the southeastern Republic of India on the Bay of Bengal. The Khandayat have known personality traits for bravery, honesty, justice and working as bureaucrats; the name means “master of the sword.” The Khandayats have a recorded history of over 2500 years, and have been noted in historical events such as the famous Kalinga War and the Paik Rebellion, where, along with the East Indian Company Khonds regiment, they fought strenuously against British Rule.

The India – Khandayat population data represent DNA samples from 62 unrelated individuals in the state of Orissa and Bay of Bengal region of India. Samples were obtained by the DNA Typing Unit at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory in West Bengal, and research was supported by a grant from the Bureau of Police Research & Development, under the government of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Source publication: Allele Frequency Data for Powerplex 16 Loci in Four Major Populations of Orissa, India, JFS, 2002, p912-915.

[Population 159]