Iberian Peninsula – Basque

Iberian Peninsula – Basque

Basque  ǀ Iberian

Basque PeopleBasques are some of the oldest Europeans and live today in northern Spain and southern France.

The Iberian Peninsula – Basque population data represent DNA samples from 50 individuals born in the Kingdom of Spain’s Gipuzkoa province (Gipuzkoa), and who had four Basque grandparents (Basques) also born in this area – the western region of the Pyrenees Mountains known as Basque Country. Samples were obtained by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, in the Dept. of Molecular Biology and Evolution, at Spain’s Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona/Catalonia.  These data were later augmented to 248 samples.



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Source publication: Allele Frequencies of 13 Short Tandem Repeats in Population Samples From the Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa, Perez-Lezaun et al., IJLM, 2000, 113, p208-214. The codis system in the Basque Country resident population studied with multiplex systems, Progress in Forensic Genetics 9, 2003, p193-196.

[Population 74, 209]