FAQs about the DNA Fingerprint Plus

The DNA Fingerprint Plus methodology was used in the following study:

Toward a Genetic Profile of Melungeons in Southern Appalachia (9638 KB)
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What the DNA Fingerprint Plus Tells You

The DNA Fingerprint Plus examines your CODIS markers and matches your markers to worldwide data bases in four different sections. We tell you your top 50 world population matches, your top 10 megapopulation matches, and your top 20 European matches. The 18  marker panel denotes matches to Native American, European, Asian, Jewish, and African ancestry. Your results may show false markers, which are indications of deep ancestry and not relevant to modern populations.

Who Can Take It

Unlike male-female tests, the DNA Fingerprint Plus is an autosomal test that can be taken by anyone, regardless of gender.

Compare Companies

DNA Consultants first developed the DNA Fingerprint Plus Test and licensed the database from its inventor.

You can compare us to three other companies offering a similar product to the DNA Fingerprint Test in this chart. No other company has a product like the DNA Fingerprint Plus.

Why should I test with your company?

That is a legitimate question. We have answers. (1) You get the most accurate information possible in the current state of genetics. (2) We are one of the few companies that uses an ISO-certified lab which guarantees your results. (3) Most ancestry tests do not reflect all your ancestry as our most popular DNA Fingerprint Test does, meaning you get the most information and biggest “bang for your buck.” ( 5) We give you a personal analysis with matches to specific regions with the DNA Fingerprint Plus, and we are always here for any questions. No “unspecified data.”

Understanding Your Report

Read some Frequently Asked Questions about the DNA Fingerprint Plus.

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