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Ivana TrumpThe Czech Republic is home to an ethnic group known as the Czech people and is located in Central Europe, between Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. Czechs’ gene pool is strongly affected by Celts, Germans and a perceptible influence of Jews and Arabic nations. See Vanek D, Hradil R, Budowle B. “Czech population data on 10 short tandem repeat loci of SGM Plus STR system kit using DNA purified in FTA™ cards,” Forensic Sci Int 2001;115:107-8). The Czech Republic is made up of two provinces, Moravia and Bohemia.

The Czech Republic population data represent DNA samples from 200 randomly selected individuals from Czech Republic. STR frequencies were reported in the most recent European database release of the Working Group of the European Network of Forensic Institutes STRbase Project (

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Czech Republic

Ivana Trump

Photo:  Czech-American socialite Ivana Trump was born in Gottwaldov (now Zlin), Czech Republic in 1949. She was married to Donald Trump and divorced him in 1990.

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