Spanish – Cantabria and Galicia

Spanish – Cantabria and Galicia

Northern Spanish ǀ Iberian

spanish-flamenco-dancerThe Spanish – Cantabria population data represent DNA samples from 158 unrelated individuals living in various parts of northwestern Spain’s mountainous coastal region of Cantabria (Cantabria), in the officially titled Kingdom of Spain (U.S. Relations With Spain and Spain). Samples were obtained by the Unit of Legal Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of the Cantabria, and by the Dept. of Internal Medicine at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (founded 1929, by the Marquess of Valdecilla), in the Cantabrian city of Santander (Spain Santander).

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Source publications:  STR Data (AmpFlSTR Profiler Plus and GenePrint CTTv) From Mozambique, FSI, 2001, p131-133. Genetic Diversity of Nine STRs in Two Northwest Iberian Populations: Galicia and Northern Portugal, IJLM, 2000, p109-113.

[Population 117, 123]