Brazilian – Black – Florida

brazilian-blackFlorida Black Brazilians are natives of chiefly African descent from Brazil living in the United States and sampled in the state of Florida. In 2009, about seven percent of the Brazilian population self-identified as preto (“black” in Brazilian Portuguese).

The Brazilian – Black – Florida population data represent DNA samples from 117 Brazilian African-American

( individuals in the state of Florida. Samples were provided by the Palm Beach County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office. For more details on this population, see;, and


Photo:  Rio de Janeiro pop samba musician Seu Jorge is 85.1% African, 12.9% European and 2% Amerindian, according to a 2007 study of famous mixed Brazilians conducted by BBC. Photo by Marcelo Teson accessed on Wikimedia Commons.

Source publication: Allele Frequencies for Fourteen STR Loci of the PowerPlex 1.1 and 2.1 Multiplex Systems and Penta D Locus In Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Other Populations of the United States of America and Brazil, Levedakou, JFS, 2001, 46(3) 736-761.

[Population 49]