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An Elvis Christmas

Here is our holiday treat for Elvis fans, the top fifty population matches for his profile, as would be reported in our Basic American Indian DNA Test or Cherokee DNA Test or Native American Indian DNA Fingerprint Plus.

Phoenician Descent in Modern Times

History has not been kind to Phoenicians. But ancient DNA now has a different story to tell. Can we please replace “Carthage must be destroyed” with “Carthage must be recovered?”

The Goddess in America

Is there a significant cult of the female among the Cherokee? The 18th-century Indian trader Adair said they had “petticoat government.”

Armenians in America

Something was wrong in Phase III of the Cherokee DNA Project. Call it the Cher syndrome. A majority of the Cherokee-descended test subjects were receiving high Armenian matches—yes Armenian, not American. Conversely, a few customers who had no way to have any Native American or New World ancestry would get Cherokee as their top match.