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Black or African American?

The labels used to describe Americans of African descent mark the movement of a people from the slave house to the White House. Today, many are resisting this progression by holding on to a name from the past: “black.”

Balkan DNA Studies Compare Former Yugoslav Populations

The analysis of the data has showed that residents of Macedonia have the most similar DNA with Bulgarians and Serbs, Croats with Bosnian and Serbian population while Kosovo Albanians have the fewest similarities with the others,” says Forensics Medicine Institute’s Dr Zlatko Jakovski.

Revised Weather Report for the Middle Ages

Whence the Little Ice Age?

Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink

In the second half of the past millennium, glaciers advanced and temperatures fell in many regions around the world, although the timings and durations of the cold spells differed widely between regions.

Diversity Conference Will Address Concepts of Ethnic Identity

Will explore theme of official and unofficial ethnic self-identification from perspectives of genetics, marketing and other disciplines

A team of professors has just submitted a proposal for a 90 minute panel discussion at the 12th International Diversity Conference in Vancouver, B.C., June 11-13, 2012.

Right Pew, Wrong Church

Do You Have the DNA of Roman-British-Thracian Soldiers in Your Male Line?
Probably Not.

A member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) wrote an article online five years ago. Now a substantial number of listers on the discussion board DNA-Genealogy-L believe their male lines may go back to a Balkan legionnaire in Roman Britain. This theory has been enshrined in popular belief, thanks to ISOGG members, who contribute most of the material on Y chromosome DNA to Wikipedia articles.


History Reburied Daily

2011 has gone down as the year of faked scholarship, but what if sound (if undaring) research is the victim of scientists’ golden dreams of glory?