Black – Texas

Black – Texas

North American Black  ǀ African American

Bessie ColemanBlack Texans are African Americans sampled in the state of Texas. Like other blacks in America, they usually also carry a high proportion of Caucasian or white ancestry and may additionally have American Indian. Bessie Coleman, the first African American female navigator, had a part-Cherokee father.

The Black – Texas population data represent a broad, national group of DNA samples from 151 African-American (African American) individuals. Samples were provided by University of North Texas Health Science Center. For more details on this population, see
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General John G. Walker and

Photo:  Pioneer aviator Bessie Coleman was born in Texas and grew up in Indian Territory.  Photo by National Air and Science Museum.

Source publication: Allele Frequencies for Nine STR Loci in African-Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Bangladesh Populations, JFS, 1999, p1316-1318.

[Population 78]