Black – Jamaica

Black – Jamaica

Afro-Caribbean ǀ African American

Flag of JamaicaBlack Jamaicans are the descendants of African slaves on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, a British Commonwealth nation under the rule of Queen Elizabeth II. Jamaican singer-songwriter and reggae giant Bob Marley was born in the village of Nine Mile in Saint Ann Parish of a mixed white English father and black mother. The name of Jamaica comes from its indigenous, Arawakan-speaking Taíno inhabitants and means “Land of Wood and Water” or “Land of Springs.”

Black – Bahamian is an autosomal DNA population name within the metapopulation category of Afro-Caribbean and megapopulation category of African American. The Black – Jamaican population data represent multi-locus DNA samples from 122 African-American individuals in Jamaica—a large island in the Caribbean Sea. Used in the FBI’s DNA database, these results also help define the broad Afro-Caribbean population segment (African diaspora in the Americas).

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Source publication:  CODIS STR Loci Data from 41 Sample Populations, J Forensic Sci, 2001, 46(3), 453-489.

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