Black – Alabama

Black – Alabama

Black  ǀ African American

Hank Aaron All Star Parade 2008Alabama African Americans represent blacks living in Alabama. In addition to African origins from the days of slavery and an average 25-30% white admixture, many also have strong American Indian roots, particularly among the Creek, Choctaw and Cherokee tribes. Baseball legend Hank Aaron was born in Mobile, Alabama.

The Black – Alabama population data represent DNA samples from 62 African-American individuals in the state of Alabama. For details on this population, see:
African Americans,

Alabama African American Genealogy from

Photo:  Hall of Fame baseball player Hank Aaron at the 2008 All-Star Game Red Carpet Parade. © Rubenstein, photographer Martyna Borkowski. Wikimedia Commons.

Source publication:  CODIS STR Loci Data from 41 Sample Populations, J Forensic Sci, 2001, 46(3), 453-489.

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